OS Animated

This installment follows Ethan Winters, who, after a fateful encounter with Chris Redfield, finds himself in a town filled with mutant creatures in an effort to find his kidnapped daughter.

Chris Redfield has fought in countless battles against bioterrorism. One night, he breaks into the Winters' home, murdering Mia and kidnapping Rose for no apparent reason.

Alcina Dimitrescu is the owner of the castle that stands next to the villa. She is a woman of great stature, with a bewitching aspect. She belongs to one of the four noble families that rule the region.

Donna Beneviento is one of the four lords of the town. She is a puppeteer who lives in a misty valley. She wears mourning clothes and is always accompanied by her favorite doll, Angie, which she usually uses to communicate.

Salvatore Moreau is a peculiar guy who usually lives hidden in a dam. He is also one of the four lords who serve Miranda. He hides his deformed figure from insidious glances with rags.

Karl Heisenberg is an engineering genius living in a factory on the outskirts of town. With his defiant attitude and ability to create electromagnetic fields and direct metal, he is the most intimidating of the four lords.

16 years after she was seen in RE Village, Rose Winters searches for a cure for her powers. However, he must use them to survive his encounters with some nasty creatures.